Digital printing means direct connection between a computer where digital preparation is done and printing machine and it includes two subcategories. One is static digital printing computer to press. This type of printing practically presents classical horizontal offset printing on the machines where the form light is, set on the form cylinder, in this way the form is lit and it spreads on the printing machine. Further printing is the same as on the offset print. The other subcategory of the digital printing is dinamik digital printing computer to print. Here printing form is produced for each working cycle. This print is usually discontact, here pressure is not the base of printing process that enables color transfer from the form to the printing material. This printing technology is based on ink-jet procedure, or printing with dry or wet toner with the help of electrography. Separating printing and nonprinting surfaces of electrophotography is based on electrifying and diselectrifying some elements. For example non printing surfaces and toner are of the same electrifying, so they reject each other, while printing surfices are diselectrified, they are contrary electrified according to toner so it attracts it. In this technology, printing form doesn't really exist, it is imaginary, so it is in the computer memory and it transfers directly to the printing base. So color or toner which are used in this technology, have to be electrified, and after their use, picture becomes visible for the first time.



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